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Two Bespoke Porsche 914 Arm Office Lounge Man cave Chairs

Two Bespoke Porsche 914 Arm Office Lounge Man cave Chairs

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Components – Porsche 914 Chairs, Modified Porsche 914 torsion tube, Modified Porsche Body to Chassis mounts, Various billet aluminium components, Hand shaped walnut arm rests.

I’m also available for commissions

An original pair of Porsche 914 seats were the starting point for my first pair of chairs. The bases for which are inspired by the forms of the Porsche 914.

Following the current form language for layers and fins the base is made up of 14 billet aliminium layers, 5 in each leg and 2 layers in the arm rests with machined aluminium spacers in between. Each layer has been laser cut from 5mm aluminium sheet and then the profile finish machined, they are then painstakingly hand finished on all surfaces. The form of the legs is inspired by the forms of the 914. Inside each end of the leg where it meets the floor are machined aluminium rocking feet to act as the main contact point between the floor and the chair rather than the individual layers, each foot also has a felt pad on it to protect the surface it sits on. The copper vin tag is mounted on the inside of the left leg on each chair.

The legs are connected by a shortened Porsche 914 rear torsion tube which has been glass bead blasted and then sealed with satin lacquer, a copper Bear Industries tag is also mounted to the centre of the tube. The chair is connected to the base In the same way that the rear suspension is mounted to the body on the Porsche 924 which is via a pair of cast aluminium brackets which had been modified to look as though they were designed to be on the chairs and not the car. There are also two billet brackets that connect the cast aluminium brackets to the seat base. The arm rests take cues from the cast brackets and feature triangular cutouts. The form of the top of the arm rest follows the form of the front indicators from the 914 and are hand shaped from reclaimed Walnut with copper spacers. The upright section is inspired by the b pillar of the 914 and features machined aluminium and copper spacers.

The Seats have been re trimmed in a period correct material but can be re trimmed for the purchaser to match existing décor of the space they are to sit in.

These chairs are two of two and will not be repeated although the purchaser of them does have the right to have more made if required. It would be possible to purchase one of the chairs, please contact to discuss.

Please note that the listing is for two chairs..

The Chairs will be personally delivered within the UK, For shipping elsewhere in the world please contact for a shipping quote.

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