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Volkswagen Desk Lamp

Volkswagen Desk Lamp

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‘Heat Exchanger’ Lamp

Components – Volkswagen Heat Exchanger., Spray Can Shade., Various Gas Pipe Fittings., Bespoke Machined Pipe Joiners., Bespoke Machined Feet..

I’m also available for commissions

The ‘Heat Exchanger’ Lamp is another look at the classic Banker’s Lamp and giving an industrial twist.. The Heat Exchanger forms the backbone of the lamp and large pipe fittings form ground the lamp with custom machined black nylon feet protecting the surface it sits on.. The shade of the lamp is created using a spray can which has been carefully cut open..An industrial twist on a design classic..

Lamp is fitted with a linen braided cable with inline switch and UK plug..

Other options and styles are available please contact with your requirements..

Each piece has its own unique copper tag and is individually numbered..

This as well as all of my other pieces are designed and made by me in the U.K..

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